The Start

HEFTRAX is the name given to the collective mobile recording talents and equipment of Fiachra McCarthy. A veteran of the 90's indie wars Fiachra spent the 00s playing guitar with two of Dublin's most unheard of legendary bands, Capratone and House of Mexico. Capping this with a stint in jangle pop master Crumb, Fiachra spent all this honing his home-recording skills with his fictional made-up band Pantone247. Playing and recording all the instruments himself gave him a unique take on how each part of a bands arrangement contributes to the song as a whole, as well the trials and tribulations of performing and capturing each discrete piece of the musical puzzle. 

Hefttrax ist born

Finding himself in 2010 without a regular band, Fiachra decided to make the leap too the other side of the glass (metaphorical glass, the first recording he made for another band was recorded in a kitchen). Pouring what little cash he had into his trusthworthy Tascam 1641, a few mics and a big toy box of broken effects pedals and shakers in the past 4 years Fiachra has worked with Squarehead, So Cow, Land Lovers, Groom, DOTT, Hunk, Patrick Kelleher, Skelocrats, Crumb, The Objectorz and many more darlings of the Irish Indie world.

And now..

Cutting his teeth on good old fashioned indie pop of a jangling and psychedelic slant, Fiachra has had a go at making punk records loud and shouty, folk albums soft and whispery, electronic music both fat and banging and is always looking for a new sound to fiddle with... you can contact him here.